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EV's across La Manche

La Manche is the westernmost department of Normandy which includes Cherbourg and the Contentin peninsula. This region is forging ahead of President's Macron's plans to transition France's energy and transport industries. In early 2014, the Manche region signed into law, the installation and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Total investment of €1.397 million has been provisioned and by the end of 2017, the department reached its target of 129 double charging stations installed across 77 municipalities. This facilitates a total capacity of 258 vehicles charging at the same time. It now means there is less than 30 km from charge point to charge point - borne to borne. Manche has around 500 electric car users at present out of around 200,000 in total.

The investment in infrastructure was 50% funded by Ademe, the French environment and energy management agency as well as La Region Normandie and the local municipalities. All the charge points (borne de recharge) are located in the public domain or on land belonging to the municipality.

The points are activated using the E-charge 50 smartphone app. It operates with an annual subscription of €12 plus. There are two rates; 0.25 € per quarter hour of charge for charge speed up 10 kW and 0.50 € for over 22kW.

On 1st January 2018 French EV purchase grants were restructured. Vehicles emitting between 21 and 60 g of CO2 per kilometre (mainly plug-in hybrid vehicles) are no longer illegible for any incentive. For the purchase of a private vehicle or light utility vehicle emitting less than 20 g of CO2 per kilometre, the grant remains at €6,000. For two wheelers and quadricycles, the purchase bonus remains at €1000 and €200 for an electric assisted bicycle.

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