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The motor scooter market is enormous in China with scooters seen as the convenient way to get around the city and the market continues to grow quickly as China's urbanization continues. While still a rare sight in the U.K. and Europe, the market for electric scooters and motorcycles in China is booming. In 2016, electric scooter sales were worth $8.7 billion and are projected to reach over $12 billion by 2025.

At first sight, an electric scooter doesn't look much different to a 2 or 4 stroke motor, it's more the absence of any noise or smell coming from it. Electric scooters are seen as quick, reliable while the batteries can also be removed for charging. As well as noise and emission free, the market is price competitive with many small Chinese manufacturers supplying the domestic market.

Asia is by the far the largest market for scooters where it is considered the primary mode of transport. In the densely populated island of Taiwan, there are about 15 million scooters for 23 million citizens. Gogoro started in 2015 and manufactures electric scooters and components for other manufacturers. The company has established a network of battery stations where the batteries can be exchanged. The company has plans to spread the concept to other markets.

In Europe, the scooter market is dominated by 2 and 4 stroke scooters but there could be signs of the start of a shift away from traditional stroke scooters with the very recent announcement by Vespa and Piaggio group, the largest manufacturer of scooters in Europe, that the company is to start manufacture of the Vespa Elettrica, the first mainstream electric scooter in Europe.

Here in Guernsey and Jersey, scooters are very popular too and electric powered scooters could have a great future here. Young people are allowed to ride a moped or scooter up to 50cc from the age of 14 which gives them cherished independence on the roads.

In other two wheel motor news, electric trials bikes are catching on with youngsters. The advantages being they are easy to start and operate with no hot exhaust. Kids can also practice in the garden without disturbing the neighbours! Oset are a British make and one of the best known specialists in electric trial bikes.

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