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The Electric Vehicle Expo

The recent Electric Vehicle Expo at Vazon started with dark clouds looming but soon brightened up into an electrifying day!

This year for the first time the show had participants from the renewable energy sector with expert advice available on EV charging and renewable energy for home and business.

There was a good variety of electric cars, vans as well as some electric bikes and motorcycles. The Tesla Model X drew a lot of attention with its falcon wing doors and high tech features fascinating young and old and there was much interest in all the featured cars and bikes.

Making up the main line up of electric vehicles were the Nissan Leaf, Peugeot Ion, Renault Zoe, BMWi3, the new Kia Soul EV and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This year, for the first time, Motor Trade franchise dealers were present with Freelance bringing a Nissan Leaf and Forest Road Garage, their new Kia Soul EV. This was a rare opportunity to see the current range of electric production models, some of them very new to market.

Guernsey Electricity brought their Peugeot Partner van and Ion for the line up with a dummy EV

charge point while Guernsey Electricity's Head of Assets brought along his Renault Zoe.

JER Electrical brought their Renault Kangoo ZE panel van along with a hook up point.

Newmotion brought their Nissan eNV200 compact van. In addition, it was nice to see Guernsey Post turn up with two of their Nissan electric vans. A few other local companies also brought their Nissan eNV200 vans.

EO Charging, a manufacturer of home and fleet charge points and local energy storage specialist Green Acorn were present at the show. The owner and MD of EO charging

making a special visit to the island for the first time to be present at the show.

Adventure Cycles brought several E-bikes to the show. CAF Engineering came over from Jersey with two Zero Motorcycles and an amazing Oset kids Trial bike - electric powered of course!

Little Green Energy were present with a Solar PV panel array and Powerwall next to their Zoe electric car.

It was great to see many EV owners come along with their own electric cars. Some of the more unusual Included a Biro, an electric buggy made in Italy and a Mia electric with its central steering position.

Thank you to all those who took part in the show or brought their vehicles along to the event. We look forward to the next electric event. Subscribe to EV Guernsey news for event updates.

Photos courtesy of Sealord Photography © sealord@me.com

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