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Driving your EV off island

We have become so used to ubiquitous fuel stations that the idea of fueling a vehicle is almost hard wired into our brains. The fact is that traditional fuel infrastructure has had a very long time to develop and become established whereas electric vehicle infrastructure is a very recent development and one which is still evolving rapidly. New charge points now rely increasingly on smart phones apps or contacless cards.

EV owners often charge their vehicle at home or work but for longer distance driving good planning is still required In the UK. Here are some of the best resources;



There are several private charge point operators and some more smaller networks in parts of the country;

BP Chargemaster Polar network

Instavolt Podpoint

Shell Ecotricity Chargepoint Genie

In most cases, these sites have apps but some also have contacless pay.

To use a charging app, download the app, pre-register by entering your card payment details. Some like Polar charge an annual fee to use, others like Ecotricity are pay per use.

When driving off island, it is recommended to take a type 2 standard charging lead as well as a domestic 3 pin lead if available. Note that rapid charge points (over 43 KW) always have tethered leads for safety reasons whereas as standard charge points are usually untethered)

Some hotels in the UK have external 3 pin sockets and some larger hotels have fast (10kW) or even rapid chargers (43 to 50 kW) in some cases. Using a charging map will indicate the power output of the facilities available.

Journeys with a first generation EV will take longer. You can factor in the extra breaks and it's then okay but there ARE other benefits from driving your Electric vehicle abroad. In central London, for example, an EV is classed as ultra low emission and avoids the the daily £11.50 congestion charge. More cities and towns are introducing ultra low emission zones which restrict or charge more polluting vehicles.

In some towns and cities around the UK, parking is free for electric vehicles plus it can all be done knowing that you are not kicking out more toxic exhaust fumes along your route!

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